Patient Access – your Online Patient Services

Patient Access – your Online Patient Services

Dear Patient,


Did you know that you can access the following online:

  • Appointment Booking
  • Repeat Prescriptions
  • Message my GP (a secure way for two-way messaging, for non-urgent queries)
  • Update your Details (e.g. your home address)
  • View your Test Results


To sign up, go to our Online Services page and follow the instructions, or come in to the surgery and a member of staff will assist you and can also demonstrate the system to you if you wish.


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Disruption to NHS services across the UK

**Update: Sat 13 May 2017 – 8am**
Dear Patients,

Please note that our services have resumed with some continued disruption to our NHS email which may impact patient referrals in and out of our service, however we expect this to return to normal by early next week.

Thank you for your continued patience.

Dear Patients, NHS England has advised us to shutdown our PCs and telephones in response to a major cyber attack on NHS services across the UK.

This has resulted in serious disruption to our service. If you have urgent medical needs that cannot wait till the issue is resolved, please call 111.

If you have a medical emergency, please call 999 or visit your nearest A&E.

We will update further when we know more and thank you for your patience.

The official statement from NHSDigital:    

Mollison Way Health & Wellness Open Day: After event report with pictures

Mollison Way Surgery hosted a successful Health & Wellness Open Day for all members of the public on Friday 28th April 2017. See pictures from the event below.

The event was well attended, mixed with members of the general public, registered patients, local healthcare providers and surgery staff, as well as a local Healthwatch representative.

Attendees had the opportunity to meet with the Practice Manager together with new and long standing staff members of the practice. The event helped to raise awareness about a number of local healthcare service providers, all of which are accessible through the surgery for patients and residents of Harrow.

Patients were also notified of the Patient Participation Group at the practice- a practice/patient partnership group designed to help ensure that the practice meets the needs of all of its patients.

The event also provided a great platform for local healthcare services to engage with one another, promoting a holistic and community based approach to healthcare.

The local services that attended included Alzheimer’s Society, a support group for patients suffering from Alzheimer’s and Dementia, Harrow Carers, an organisation designed to provide support for carers in the community, London Ambulance Service as well as:

AT Medics were delighted to host this event, and extend special thanks to the practice team who made this all possible.

Health & Wellness Open Day on Friday 28 April 2017

Mollison Way Surgery will be hosting a Health & Wellness Open Day for all members of the public on Friday 28th April 2017 between 2.00pm and 4.00pm – all are welcome to attend. See poster below.

The event aims to raise awareness about and allow patients to experience a number of local health and social care service providers accessible through the surgery for our patients as well as other residents of Harrow.

Visitors will also have the opportunity to meet PPG representatives and members of practice staff, particularly newer team members, and will be treated to FREE mini health checks, whilst younger visitors can enjoy FREE face painting.

The services due to attend are: 

  • IAPT Talking Therapies, a free NHS evidence-based talking therapy service for people 16 years old and over, who are worried or have low mood.
  • The Community Diabetes Team who provide support for people over the age of 17 living with type one and type two diabetes, in addition to coordinating specialist support services such as nutrition, foot care and signposts to retinal screening for house bound patients and patients with learning difficulties.
  • Age UK Harrow aim to maintain older people’s independence allowing them to stay safe and healthy.
  • Sickle Cell & Thalassaemia Centre offers a wide range of services to communities with, or “at risk” or, Sickle Cell, Thalassaemia, G6PD, and other genetically inherited conditions of haemoglobin. At the centre, the highly qualified nursing staff are available to answer questions, provide information, offer blood tests, and give genetic and other forms of counselling on an appointment basis. Representatives from the team will be there on the day to talk to patients and advise them of how and when to access the services they provide.
  • Harrow Carers aim to make a positive difference to the lives of unpaid carers in the diverse communities of Brent by providing them with a range of services, support and recognition
  • Healthwatch Harrow is all about local voices being able to influence the delivery and design of local services.
  • Alzheimer’s Society offers group support for Alzheimer’s sufferers and their carers. They have a dementia drop-in café every Wednesday from 2-4pm which offers a friendly meeting place for anyone affected by memory loss, dementia or forgetfulness to find support and discuss the challenges facing them.
  • Mind in Harrow is a mental health organisation that started in the 1960’s and has expanded to provide a range of services, from Befriending Services to Youth Wellbeing Projects. Representatives from Mind in Harrow will be present on the day to engage with patients and raise awareness of the mental health services they provide that are available to the local residents of Harrow.
  • Harrow’s Outdoor Gyms provide a free and alternative way to get fit and healthy. The outdoor gyms are equipped with gym and fitness machines that you would find in an indoor gym and are suitable for people of all ages and fitness levels. During the summer months, outdoor gym activators are available to provide support to those looking to use the equipment. A representative from the council will be present at the Open Day to provide information on the gyms and how best to take advantage of them.
  • Brent & Harrow Community Health Team is an organisation committed to providing support for people with complex or challenging behaviour, in a community setting, for Brent and Harrow. Their multi-disciplinary community health teams are made up of community nurses, psychiatrists, psychologists, physiotherapists, speech therapists and a range of other support workers. They provide assessment and treatment to people in their choice of environment and will be present on the day to engage with patients and raise awareness of the services they provide and how to access them.
  • HIV Specialist Nursing Service in Harrow provides nursing support and specialist advice to those infected or affected by HIV regarding physical, psychological and social needs affecting health. They take into consideration the social well-being needs in relation to HIV and its impact on the patient’s quality of life and do their best to provide the necessary support.
  • Families Information Service provides information, advice and guidance on a wide range of services, entitlements, support and activities for families with children and young people. They advise on topics such as childcare provision in Harrow through to early education and childcare funding entitlements. A representative from the organisation will be on hand to engage with patients and make them aware of the services and advice they can offer as a service.

A number of other services will also be present for the whole family to benefit from.

AT Medics practices schedule regular PPG meetings with SMS reminders, dedicated PPG notice boards and a translator if necessary, and are delighted to be hosting this event at Mollison Way Surgery.

Omar Din, AT Medics Head of Communications & Digital said “Our aim for this event is to improve patient experience at Mollison Way Surgery and to extend an invitation to the wider community to join us on Friday 28th April when our surgery becomes an open house.”

Mollison Way Surgery is committed to delivering high quality care focused on patient needs and safety, and is working to achieve clinical improvement through the implementation and advancement of quality systems, as well as continually reviewing and investing in training and education of staff.


Join us on Thurs 2 Feb at 7pm – PPG Meeting

In response to your request and popular demand, on Thursday 2nd February 2017 at 7.00pm-8.00pm we will be holding a Patient Participation Group meeting – all patients are welcome and encouraged to attend.

The purpose of this meeting is to re-establish a regular patient group that can contribute by way of representing the patients at Mollison Way Surgery, in matters that can help shape the care we deliver and to help us gather feedback, experiences and opinions, as well as to encourage health promotion and self care to our patient population.

The agenda for the meeting is as follows:

  1. Welcome and introductions
  2. Aims and objectives of our PPG (e.g. What do we want from a PPG? What don’t we want from a PPG? Working together to recruit more members and encourage more participation)
  3. Formalising Terms of References
  4. Agreeing the structure of the PPG
  5. What changes AT Medics has brought to Mollison Way Surgery already, and our future plans
  6. AOB
  7. Setting date and time of next meeting

You do not need to register to attend this meeting, though our PPG meetings are open to Mollison Way Surgery registered patients only. Please speak to our Practice Management if you have any queries, concerns or special requirements.

All patients registered at this practice now have a Named Accountable GP

Building on the 2014-2015 GP contractual agreement to provide a Named Accountable GP for patients aged 75 and over, this requirement has now been extended to all patients including children from 1st June 2015.

All registered patients at this practice have now been allocated a Named Accountable GP. New patients joining the surgery will be advised of their Accountable GP at the point of registration. If you do not know who your named GP is, please ask a member of our reception team.

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Suffering from Hay Fever? View our latest advice and self help!

Hay fever is a common allergic condition.

Symptoms of hay fever include:

  • sneezing
  • a runny nose
  • itchy eyes

The symptoms of hay fever are caused when a person has an allergic reaction to pollen.

Pollen is a fine powder released by plants as part of their reproductive cycle. Pollen contains proteins that can cause the nose, eyes, throat and sinuses (small air-filled cavities behind your cheekbones and forehead) to become swollen, irritated and inflamed.

There is currently no cure for hay fever but most people are able to relieve symptoms with treatment. Treatment options for hay fever include antihistamines, which can help prevent an allergic reaction from happening and corticosteroids (steroids), which help reduce levels of inflammation and swelling. Many Hay Fever symptoms can be controlled with over-the-counter medication at your pharmacist.

Need Advice Now?

Use our Hay Fever Decision Tool!

External Websites

NHS Choices – Find out more about Hay Fever, the causes, treatment and self help tips.

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Hay Fever is an allergy to pollen that affects around one in four people. An expert explains how it’s diagnosed, the symptoms and treatment.